Ready to Get Focused in 2017?


Are you a naturally organized person? or Do you struggle with getting organized, planning content, setting goals and following through?

I have to admit I struggle with all of those! I'm not a naturally organized person, it's actually a skill I have worked really hard to obtain and I still work hard at it every single day. I've found that one way to get better at being more organized and intentional is by... PLANNING!

That's why I created THE FOCUSED BLOG BUSINESS PLANNER as a complete blog and business planning system. My goal was to create a simplified system of planning tools to assist in content creation, maximizing time, setting goals and reaching them.


Plus 1 hour Goal Setting Workshop

Take A Look Inside

No sound needed. This is a silent tour of the inside of the planner! Watch until the end to see the other color options. 

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Let's Focus in on the Details!

The First Impression: The Cover

Have you ever found a planner you just love but really don't like the cover? I know I have!

That's why I decided to create 9 different cover options . 

And guess what? You get all of them for one price. No stressing about which one to choose because you get them all! 

Which means if you want to change your cover, you can! Just simply print a new one anytime you want and as many times as you want! 

Let's Focus on Big and Small Goals

Setting GOALS and REACHING them can be an overwhelming task! 

I know that I struggled with understanding how to set goals. I also became very discouraged when I set a goal and didn't reach it!

My seriously simple method to setting 5 main goals a month and breaking them down into small actionable tasks is the absolute easiest way I've been able to meet my goals time and time again. 

Creating a monthly task list helps me prioritize the projects and tasks that are of utmost importance. Cutting out all the unnecessary tasks is essential to reaching your goals for each month.

Cut out the Chaos! Stay Focused Every Day...

Every day needs a solid plan! By planning out each day with actionable and attainable tasks you will accomplish more, feel less chaotic, and be in control of your day. 

Who Knew Cutting out the Unnecessary is Imperative to Success? 

Within the daily planner, you will find blank lines used for planning out your day. You can use methods like, Time Blocking (scheduling out each hour of the day) or The Ivy Lee Method which involves picking your top 5 most important tasks each day and sticking with one until it's complete. Read all about my preferred method here.

No matter which method you use to plan out your daily tasks, the most important aspect of planning is to only plan the essential. In fact, it's instrumental to your success. You must FOCUS on your priorities and avoid adding non-essential time consuming tasks in order to reach your daily goals. 

It's amazing how cutting out all the chaos actually creates more time for the things you love! 

Let's Focus on Daily Planning

Daily Planner Description: Included in your planner are 365 daily planning sections organized by the week starting with Sunday and ending with Saturday each week. Benneath each day is a section to organize calls, emails, errands, and appointments. The box on the sidebar is for scheduling quick yet important tasks. These may not be top priority but are valuable if they can fit into your schedule. 

Planning monthly content is one of the things that has been a GAME changer for me. Not only has my interaction with my readers increased but I am seeing growth in multiple areas including; pageviews, income, and email subscribers. 

 I admit I use to blog on a whim or whenever I felt like it but it just simply STRESSED ME OUT!   I needed a good tool to keep my content planning organized and streamlined. The Monthly Content Calendars in the Focused Blog Business Planner does just that! 

Let's Look at How to Use the Monthly Content Planner To Get Focused

  • Plan your title, keywords, category, tags and focus area in the boxes provided
  • Once the post is published use the check boxes for social media to ensure you have shared on all outlets
  • Get inspiration from the sidebar for seasonal content which includes holidays and special national days (like National Chocolate Lovers Day)
  • Know what's trending for the month and plan content (remember blogging is like retail we have to get trending content out at least 4-6 weeks before the actual season) 
  • Use the content boxes to also plan for social media shares for previously posted content. Simply write (OLD or NEW) next to the title to remind yourself if it has already been published. 

Let's Focus on Monthly Content Planning

Worksheets and Trackers cont.

Let's Focus on The Essentials

Worksheets and Trackers

  • 224 Page Planner in 3 color themed options 
  • 12 Monthly Goal Setting Sheets
  • 12 Monthly Master To-Do List Sheets
  • 12 Blank Monthly Calendars
  • 12 Monthly Content Calendars
  • 12 Monthly Cover Dividers
  • 120 Weekly Planners
  • 12 Monthly Recap Evaluations
  • 12 Income and Expense Tracking Sheets
  • 12 Motivational Quotes 

Your Planner Includes

  • Statistics and Trackers
  1. Blog Growth Tracker
  2. Affiliate Marketing Tracker
  3. Giveaway Tracker
  • Business Tools
  1. Sponsorship Spreadsheet
  2. Contacts
  3. Usernames and Passwords
  4. Brag List
  5. Guest Post Wish List
  6. Link Parties
  7. Blog and Business Wishlist
  • Branding and Website Tools
  1. Blogging Must Have Design List
  2. Blog Subject Breakdown
  3. Blog Brand Worksheet
  • Income 
  1. Income Idea Planner
  2. List of Income Ideas
  3. Blank List of Income Idea Brainstorms 

  • Blog Post Helpers 
  1. Blog Post Audit Checklist
  2. Detailed Blog Post Idea Planner
  3. Blog Posts Brainstorm Lists
  4. Blog Post Idea List
  • Email Marketing Worksheets
  1. Monthly Email Newsletter Planner
  2. Weekly Email Newsletter Planner
  • Courses
  1. Conference, Webinar, or Course Note-Taking Sheets

This is a digital product, so nothing will be shipped. You will receive PDF files of the planning and printable pages and the Getting Started Guide.

Is this a physical planner that will be shipped to my house?


I personally like to use a 3 hole punch and a three ring binder for my planner because I like to be able to move sheets around to various locations. Sometimes I find it more useful to have sheets like an income idea planner in the month I'm currently using instead of in the Income section of the binder. 

That being said I think binding the planner portion of the Focused Blog Planner with spiral binding is also a great option. You can either have a print shop do this for you or if you have the tools you can do it yourself. It's totally up to you! 

What is the best way to print the Focused Blog Business Planner?

About the Creator

You can print the planner on your home printer or have it printed at a print shop or office supply store. Detailed printing instructions and a print release form are included with your purchase. Remember if you are printing at home all printers differ. Please run several tests before printing the entire planner. 

You're in luck! I realize not everyone loves the same colors. That's why your planner comes with 9 different cover options and 3 different interior color schemes all for one price! No need to choose!

Is there a limit to how many times I can print the planner, worksheets and trackers?

What is the best way to put the Focused Blog Business Planner together?

There is no limit to how many times you print any of the PDFs. However please keep in mind that these files are not for sharing. Please keep all prints and files for your personal use only. 

I often print multiple copies of sheets like the income idea planner, or the course notes worksheet. It's totally up to you how many worksheets you may need to build your planner. 

Lesley Clavijo is the author of the blog, Chaotically Creative. A lifestyle blog about DIY, organization and her chaotic life! As a mother of two boys and a wife to a devoted husband, she tries to find a balance between her passion for creating and keeping things from reaching mass chaos. With over 20 years experience in the early childhood education field, Lesley’s passion for teaching exceeds beyond a classroom full of little ones. Her experience teaching educators brought about a new passion, working one on one with women entrepreneurs. As a life-long educator, her sole purpose is to inspire, teach and empower women so that they may have the careers and passions they dream of. 

I don't really like bright colors? Do I have to pay to get a different color option?